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Sir Jasper

Book 1 in the Year of Surrender series
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One year. Twelve strangers. An unbreakable contract.

The first time I saw the secluded mountain-top villa, I thought it was beautiful.

Then I met the powerful men who owned such a place. They forced me to bow down before I knew their names. Exposed me to their hungry eyes.

I’m their prisoner for a year.


This is all thanks to my dead father. He left me a massive diamond mine. Everyone here wants it… marrying me is the only way.

12 months. Each one dedicated to a different gorgeous, wicked man to do as he pleases.

And at the end they’ll fight over me in an auction.


There’s no love here. No kindness.

That’s what I tell myself so I can resist.

Because if I thought for a second that one of these tempting strangers could fall for me, heart and soul, I’d lose the only power I have.

If I fall in love…

That’s when I’ll truly surrender.

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About the author

Emily Aster has a naughty side. Luckily, she can explore that in her writing, which she does.


Virgin auctions, reverse harems, explicit over the top romance-- these are her favorite things.


She dreams of sharing her stories with readers who love the same tropes as she does.

Put filthy first... that's her motto.


She also loves relationship reality shows (hello 90 day fiance) so if you have some to recommend, let her know!

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